Katy FitzGerald


Before working as a counsellor

and psychotherapist, I had many lives, from working in the corporate world, to running my own business to working in  an art gallery.


In all these  situations,  I worked closely with a wide range of  people and I learnt and  observed a lot  about human behaviour. 


I have always had a passion and empathy for people and a  great interest in what makes us who we are.


A few life changing events in my own life, bought me to the realisation  that I needed to follow my passion  and deepen my understanding of  human behaviour. I commenced my  study in counselling and  kinesiology.


I believe this is the work I am meant  to be doing. I love my work and I  am committed to my own personal and  professional development so as  to always keep my practice inspiring and  nourishing and to continually  support my clients in the best way I can.


I believe we do our own internal, emotional work all our lives. There aretimes when this can be very intense and painful, and other times when  we feel we may have reached a plateau and can enjoy what we have  learnt – until the next challenge inevitably comes to us. I believe this is  a  positive aspect of our lives and if we are courageous enough to go into  the work, we will be rewarded with a more fulfilling and satisfying





  • Graduate Diploma Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Diploma Holistic Counselling and Life care
  • Certificate Transformational Life Coaching
  • Certificate Kinesiology





I am a clinical member of Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association (CAPA)

I have regular supervision and professional development as required for contined membership of CAPA.  


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